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MMA Principles

Embracing the following professional principles:

“Declares its commitment to the highest possible professional and ethical standards of health care."


Objectives of MMA

MMA members are to embrace the obectives.

Promoting Professionalism and Ethics: "Upholding the Honour and Standards of the Medical Profession"

To promote and maintain the honor and interest of the profession of medicine in all its branches and in every one of its segments and help to sustain the professional standards of medical ethics.

Advocating for Public Health: "Voice of the Medical Profession: Educating and Influencing Public Opinion"

To serve as the vehicle of the integrated voice of the whole profession and all or each of its segments both in relation to its own special problems and in relation to educating and directing public opinion on the problems of public health as affecting the community at large.

Advancing Medical Education: "Active Engagement in Medical Education and Training"

To actively engage in medical education to enhance professional development, promote high standards, and contribute to the continuous improvement of healthcare practices.

Fostering Unity and Nation Building: "Promoting Social, Cultural, and Charitable Activities for a United Malaysia"

To promote social, cultural, and charitable activities with the goal of fostering unity and building a strong and cohesive Malaysian nation.

Strategic Business Ventures: "Leveraging Opportunities: Advancing the Association's Assets and Rights"

To carry on any business, trade, joint venture, commercial arrangement, transaction or any enterprise whatsoever which may in the option of the Association be advantageous to the Association or calculated directly or indirectly to enhance any of the Association’s assets, properties or rights.

Mission Statement

MMA Johor

Recognizing the Unique Responsibility of Physicians:
Acknowledging that physicians possess a distinct obligation towards the well-being of society, stemming from their longstanding duty to safeguard life and preserve health.

Integrating Medicine with a Caring Society:

Understanding that Medicine should not operate in isolation, solely driven by self-interest or defensive measures. Instead, it should be an indispensable component of a compassionate society, actively engaged in promoting the welfare of individuals and communities.

​Considering the Impact of Social and Economic Factors:

Acknowledging the significance of social and economic determinants of health, and understanding that these factors play a crucial role in shaping individuals' well-being. Moreover, recognizes that current global trends indicate an impending environmental degradation, which poses a threat to human health and survival.

Addressing Ethical and Moral Dilemmas:

Acknowledging that the rapid advancements in medicine and the values of our technologically-driven era give rise to unprecedented ethical and moral challenges for physicians. Being committed to navigating these dilemmas with integrity, empathy, and a focus on the best interests of patients and society as a whole.

Managing Escalating Healthcare Costs:

Recognizing that modern technological medicine, coupled with heightened public expectations, contributes to the escalating costs of healthcare. Striving to find innovative approaches and solutions that balance the delivery of high-quality care with cost-effective practices, ensuring accessibility and sustainability for all individuals.

By adhering to these professional principles, physicians can uphold the values of their noble profession and contribute to the betterment of society's health and well-being.

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